About Us


Wilbert Trading BV is a family enterprise. Father and son handle all matters, and pay special attention to each request. High service and productquality is important to us.

Bert Mastenbroek

CEO & Founder


Beginning 1998 Bert Mastenbroek founded Wilbert Trading BV. Prior to this he was employed as Managing Director of Paul Günther Logistic & Leasing BV, a subsidiary office of Hamburg based Paul Günther Logistic & Leasing GmbH.

Michael Mastenbroek

Sales / Operations


Michael joined our salesforce in November 2014. He is mainly active in the sales in the Netherlands, and he is assisting the team with the internatonal sale efforts.


The management of Wilbert Trading BV feels obliged to support local sports associations where possible.

Since 2002 we support the local football club vv Excelsior Maassluis. This football club aims to perform at the highest possible amateur level in Dutch Football League, and in the past years they succeeded via several amateur-leagues, to perform in the "Tweede Divisie", the third highest league in the Netherlands.

Season 2015-2016 they closed with winning the Overall Amateur Championship of Netherlands, the very last amateur Championship. From season 2016 onwards the dutch league changed from amateur to (semi-) professional level.

Proud sponsor

The proud sponsor with the championshield 2015-2016


In 2002, Michael became member of vv Excelsior Maassluis, and we, Wilbert Trading BV, were approached to become a member of the SBC vv Excelsior Maassluis, the Business Support Club.

This Foundation aims to support the footballclub anywhere possible to perform at the highest possible level of Dutch Football League. Initially, we as a company member,started small with sponsoring a billboard, and in the course of time, a container was delivered for storing at the footballclubs premisses,

When a shirt sponsor indicated to want to stop their sponsorship, we immediately stepped in, and we have been shirtsponsor of the selection for many years now.

This shirtsponsorship is from the upcoming season 2017-2018 extended to all teams of the footballclub, and each player of each team will have our logo on the back of the shirt.

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